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The organic carbon and humus content in oil polluted brown and grey-brown soils in Mangyshlak, Pre-Caspian Sea Region, was analyzed from 2000 to 2008. The results indicated that bitumen sub-stances from crude oil pollution deteriorated the soil property, however, the organic carbon content increased significantly. The products of oil pollution changed the composition of carbonaceous substances which formed soil humus, and changed the ratios of the humus components. Residual insoluble carbon increased with the rise of oil organic carbon. The mobility of humus components was significantly increased because of the high oxidation-reduction process in the topsoil, and the humus content and microorganism activity increased. The organic carbon content increased significantly, while it decreased with the distance away from the oil well. The rearrangement of physical, physi-cal-chemical and chemical properties of the polluted soils was significant.


oil-chemical pollution; humus; transformation; degradation; Pre-Caspian Sea Region

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