Journal of Arid Land


Kanas is a National Nature Reserve and National 5A Scenic Area, and it is also high on China’s National Natural Heritage List. In this paper, with an integrated analysis and comparative geographical approach, the genesis and current features of the Kanas landscape are analyzed systematically according to the criteria for outstanding universal values that must be met for designation by the United Nations as World Natural Heritage. It is concluded that Kanas has outstanding universal values in geosciences, biology and aesthetics. Through comparison with other World Natural Heritage sites of the same ge-ological types, in the same biogeographic zone and in the same latitude, it is concluded that Kanas meets criteria vii, viii, ix and x for designation as World Natural Heritage. Thus, this work establishes a scientific foundation for nomination of Kanas for such a status.


natural landscape characteristics; heritage value; comparative analyses; Kanas of Xinjiang

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