Journal of Arid Land


This paper presents the realization of two-way coupling of the unsaturated-saturated flow interactions of the SWAT2000 and MODFLOW96 models on the basis of the integrated surface/groundwater model SWATMOD99, and its application in Hetao Irrigation District (HID), Inner Mongolia, China. Major revisions and enhancements were made to the SWAT2000 and MODFLOW models for simulating the detailed hydrologic budget and coupled unsaturated and saturated interactions, and irrigation canal hydrology for the HID. The simulation results of seasonal groundwater recharge to and evaporate from the shallow groundwater, and the annual water budget over the district are presented and discussed. The results implied the necessity of two-way coupling of the unsaturated-saturated interactions when groundwater is shallow, and the feasibility of making compre-hensive use of the information coming from both the surface water and groundwater models to make a more physically-based assessment of the coupled interactions.


SWAT; MODFLOW; SWATMOD; coupled unsaturated-saturated flow; irrigation canals; groundwater recharge; groundwater evaporation

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