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Kansu (KS) profile is located in the east of Yili basin, western Xinjiang, where typical loess sediments are distributed. The magnetic parameters (such as IRM, SIRM SOFT, and M) and grain size in the KS profile were analyzed in the study. The results showed that the magnetic property of KS loess is dominated by ferri-magnetic minerals, such as magnetite and maghemite. Antiferromagnetic and superparamagnetic minerals also exist in the profile, but had less impact on magnetic susceptibility. Compared with the typical loess sediments of the central Loess Plateau in China, the strata of Kansu profile contained more magnetic minerals and hard magnetic minerals. The analysis of grain size for magnetic minerals indicated that the properties of loess and paleosol were respectively dominated by PSD/MD and coarse SSD magnetite. The research found that the contents of magnetic minerals in loess and paleosol sequences in Kansu profile were similar, but the proportion of fine grained magnetite and soft magnetic minerals were varying, which implies a positive rela-tionship between the value of magnetic susceptibility and intensity of pedogenesis.


loess sediment; magnetic properties; pedogenesis; Kansu profile; Tianshan Mountains

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