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As groundwater table declination is an important factor resulting in degradation of eco-environment in the Minqin Basin, China, it is significant to investigate and understand the groundwater table dynamics in this area. According to the physical and geographical conditions of the Minqin Basin, a hydrogeological conceptual model and a mathematical model were established, and the mathematical model was figured out by using Finite Element subsurface Flow system (Feflow). Accurate hydrogeological parameters were acquired, and the spatio-temporal distribution dynamics of groundwater table for 1983–2001 were also simulated. The model performed well with a correlation coefficient of 0.977 and a mean error of 0.9768 m. The inflow and outflow of the groundwater system were predicted by time series analysis, and the groundwater table dynamics for 2011 were further acquired. Generally the groundwater table in the Minqin Basin would continue to decline. The groundwater table would decline during spring and summer irrigation, while it would rise during autumn-winter irrigation. The groundwater depression cones would expand with the increase of center depths. Therefore, regulatory measures should be taken to prevent the declination of groundwater table and improve the eco-environment of this area.


Feflow; time series analysis; groundwater table dynamics; simulation; prediction

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