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Alien invasive species in Siberia: current status and problem


Although alien and invasive plant species have been researched extensively in the European part of Russia, the situation in Siberia is another matter. Hitherto, alien and invasive species in Siberia have not received much attention because this problem was not especially acute in Siberia. The lack of attention on alien and invasive species in Siberia is attributed to three major reasons: 1) Low vegetative productivity and sparse human populations in the Siberian territory have limited botanical research interest in the area. 2) Severe Siberian climate likely prevents many alien and invasive species from increasing their distribution into Siberia. 3) Most Siberian plant communities have not been human-transformed and thus may be resistant to newcomers. Nevertheless, recent increased economic activities have resulted in increasing plant migration to Siberia, and this process should be monitored. Furthermore, global environmental changes may also have made Siberia more favorable for more alien and invasive species. Currently, research on alien and invasive species has begun in the Altai-Sayan region (Western Siberia) and the Magadan region (Northeastern Asia).


alien invasive plants; global climate change; economic development; Siberia

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